The Bhutan Mountain Resort Family has deep roots in the Bumthang region. Originally from the Tang Valley, our family has long held ownership interests in the heart of Jakar Valley. Known formerly as the Bumthang Mountain Lodge, our family resort was one of the very first establishments in Central Bhutan to offer relaxed and homely comfort to international visitors.

Today, completing the vision laid out by our late father, Karma Tobden, we have updated and expanded our resort to meet the needs of high-end travelers without compromising on family comfort and friendliness.

Experience a stay with us to truly understand why Bhutanese families are known for their thoughtfulness, hospitality and grace.


Meet some of our family members

Tenzin, our front office and reservations manager with Baby Yudruk

Tenzin Yangdon, the only daughter of late Karma Tobden, is Reservations Manager and Chief Onsite Operator of the Bhutan Mountain Resort. Tenzin is a graduate of International Tourism and Hospitality Management. She has lived and studied hospitality industry services in the US and Thailand.

Tenzin Yangdon Tobden, Chief Onsite Operator of Bhutan Mountain Resort

Meet some of our family members

Tenzin Jamtsho Culinary Director

Tenzin Jamtsho, third son of late Karma Tobden, is Chief of Food Services and Culinary Presentations at the resort. Tenzin is a graduate of the internationally acclaimed Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Institute. He currently works in the Australian food and culinary industry and manages a top end restaurant and will be resuming his F&B leadership at the resort when he returns.

Tenzin Jamtsho Tobden, Chief of Food Services and Culinary Presentations

Meet some of our family members

Ama, Matriarch of Bhutan Mountain Resort

Ama, or Ashi, is the Matriarch of Bhutan Mountain Resort. She guides the next generation of the resort’s owners with her gentle hand and still heads up the kitchen and back-of-house services. She is still the first up and the last to close for the night. She is the moving light and spirit behind the Bhutan Mountain Resort and is beloved to all who know her. 

Ama (Ashi), Founder

Tenzin Jamtsho Tobden, Chief of Food Services and Culinary Presentations

Meet some of our family members

 Founder-Bhutan Mountain Resort

Bhutan Mountain Resort was founded by our late father, the well-known Bumthang Engineer, Entrepreneur and Community Leader, Karma Tobden. Besides the resort our late father began and was responsible for a number of socially progressive endeavors in our home region of Tang Valley in Central Bhutan and manufacturing the famous Bukhari iron wood-burning stoves of Bhutan, popular all across the country. Even though the main buildings were completed by the children after his passing, our father’s vision is what gave birth to this place we call home.

Karma Tobden (Late), Founder 

Meet some of our family members

 Ugen, Oldest son and brother

Ugyen Phuntsho is the eldest son of late Karma Tobden. While he primarily runs and manages the family’s Bukhari plant in Jakar, he is also responsible for stepping in as needed at the resort in various advisory capacities as logistics manager, construction management and expansion and renovations at the resort.

Ugyen Phuntsho Tobden, Resort Logistics & Expansion

Meet some of our family members

 Tenzin Norbu, Youngest Brother

Tenzin Norbu, formerly the baby of the family, graduated from the Jakar High School at the top of his class and is currently attending medical school in Sri Lanka, and working toward his childhood goal of becoming specialized physician.

Tenzin Norbu Tobden, Apple of the Family’s Eye

Meet some of our family members

 Thinley Namgyel Second Son

Thinley Namgyel, the second eldest son of late Karma Tobden, responsible for the expansion of facilities at the resort was for many years the democratically elected National Assembly Member from the Tang Valley. Today, besides his other business endeavours, Thinley guides and oversees facilities maintenance, construction and expansion at the resort.

Thinley Namgyel Tobden, Resort Facilities Management & Expansion


Meet some of our family members

 Yuedruk, Baby of the Family

Yuedruk, son of Tenzin Yangdon and Kinley Rabgyel, is the new baby of the family. He keeps every one lively and smiling at the resort!

Yuedruk Rabyel Tobden, Chief Happiness Officer

Meet some of our family members

 Kinley, Rabgyel, Bhutan Mountain Resort

Kinley Rabgyel, business entrepreneur and longtime insider of Bhutan’s travel and tourism industry, is married to Tenzin Yangdon Tobden and supports overall resort management with the rest of the family.

Kinley Rabgyel




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